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The Third Jerusalem Temple


Clothes of the High-Priest

Project of the Third Jerusalem Temple Urim and ThummimJerusalem Temple things

Prayer online

Praying for the Second Temple built by it, the Tsar Solomon asked God that He answered prayers, coming to this Temple. He mentioned as well that who will pray far from the Temple: let God would hear also prayers of those who will turn facing the Temple. God answered that He will execute Tspr Solomon's application.

Today webcams on the Temple mountain - a place on which there has to be a Temple, give us such opportunity: to address facing this place and to turn the application to God. He promised that will hear.

Other opportunities of prayer online

Western Wall in Jerusalem - webcam live

Webcam on the Western Wall Jerusalem. Western Wall online
History of Western Wall JerusalemNote in the Western Wall Jerusalem


Babylonian Empire


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